How to polish your existing product to get the love, attention (and sales) it deserves.

This Voxer Day of Make It Shiny again will review the actionable, bite-size lessons with specific tasks to make your existing product sparkle and primed for selling. Includes special completion incentive!

🌟 Voxer Day to get feedback, prompts, fresh ideas and accountability!

Voxer Day
Saturday 20th April all day

Get-it-done incentive: Promoted in a round up blog to Lisa’s entire list!  


Make it Shiny again LIVE Voxer Day Special!

You get access to Make it Shiny again self-paced course AND live support Voxer day on Saturday 20 April. We kick off at 12pm ACST. Only $19.

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Make it Shiny Again LIVE Voxer Day $19.00

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