WELCOME TO THE DONE BY DECEMBER real time bundle upgrade!!

Live rounds held on various dates between 23 october – 31 december 2023

Yayyy! Congratulations on getting the Done by December bundle upgrade.

You now have access to allllll these real time rounds to get the things done!!

Click on the products you’d like, and to see what each offer includes. Check the dates in the product descriptions or using the calendar below.

Make sure you sign up for the ones you want to attend so that you receive information, updates and resources from the individual contributors.

We’re so excited to see what you get done by the end of December!! ❤️

Facebook Funnel Blueprint Bundle Do-It-Together Live Experience💙 with Dianne Shelton

This is your exclusive invite to join us mid-December & take your Do-It-Yourself Facebook Funnel Blueprint training kit 💙 to a fun Do-It-Together LIVE experience!

This week-long pop-up event will be happening mid-December in between the holiday rush & before the start of the New Year.

Together, we will help you come to 2024 knowing your Facebook is working for YOU, helping your business get MORE visible & bring in more dreamy, ready clients. AND there will be gift prizes & fun shenanigans, after all it is the spirit of the holidays.

Date: 11th – 15th December

Value: $497

The Case Study Toolkit and day of Voxer office hours with Nadine Nethery


Simply let your customers do the talking for you with this ready-to-swipe case study formula that will boost your ready-to-invest leads, grow your website traffic and establish you as the expert. 🎉

* Day of Voxer Office Hours for support with your case study-related questions on Fri, 8 Dec 2023 from 8.30am – 5pm AEDT
* Submit a case study published during this LIVE round for promotion to my list

Date: 8.30am – 5pm AEDT on 8th December

Value: $29

Use code: DBD2023

Digital Product to Profit 5-day Challenge with Michelle Pontvert & Olivia Radcliffe

Join us for this actionable 5-day challenge to help you create & launch your first (or next!) digital product!

By the end of the challenge, you’ll not only have created and launched your offer, but you’ll also have created a rinse-and-repeat strategy to add a fast influx of cash to your business WHILE having a huge impact and providing incredible transformations for your clients.

And when you join us for this live round, you’ll get access to both Olivia’s mindset mastery & Michelle’s techy talents with two Voxer Office Hours!

Date: 6th-10th November

Value: $199

Use code: DBD2023

WordPress Website in a Weekend LIVE with Easy DIY WIP

Want to build your WordPress website but don’t know where to start?

Overwhelmed with the choice of builders, themes, hosting, plugins etc. Aaaaagh!!!

Join me for WordPress Website in a Weekend LIVE on Tues 21st & Wed 22nd November for the first steps in building your site together.

Have a ready made website template installed on FREE developer grade hosting in 2 days or less.

Date: 21st & 22nd November 

Value: $59

Use code: DBD2023

How to Run an Email Gift Giveaway to Wow Your New & Existing Subscribers Live Get-it-Done week with Cori Willis

Ready to get your email gift giveaway DONE? 🙋🏽‍♀️ Join me from November 3-9, 2023, if you want to do a Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Years, OR Valentine’s Day Email Gift Giveaway.

We’ll get your giveaway planned, emails drafted, marketing set, and gifts planned or created. We’ll give you everything you need to turn this into your best event of the year!

Date: 3rd – 9th November

Value: $97

Blogging for Business Get-It-Done Week with Jessica Haines

Blogging is a great way to get great value out of the content you create, since it can show on Google for years, compared to social media posts that disappear within hours.

The workshop will show you how to get started with blogging, how to come up with ideas, how to write high quality posts and ways to save time and repurpose your posts elsewhere, so you can nurture your readers into subscribers and buyers.

Join the Blogging for Business Get-It-Done week on 6th-12th November to help you start (or revive) your business blog in a strategic way! You’ll get access to a live Q&A session and a free challenge Facebook group, plus you’ll have the opportunity to submit a blog post written during the challenge for promotion to my email list.

Date: 6th-12th November

Value: $97

Content Planning Live Workshop with Kristin Lawton, District Brand Bar

Join me for a live workshop where we’ll blend the art of content creation with the science of ChatGPT prompts.

We’ll go behind the bar to mix up your Ultimate Content Calendar and create a content engine that works as smoothly as a well-crafted cocktail.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a small business owner, this workshop is your ticket to streamlined, effective marketing.

Don’t miss the chance to ask questions and get personalized advice!

Date: 4pm ET on 8th November

Value: $200

Convert Your Dream Persona Workshop + Community with Jennifer Cerna

In this self-guided online workshop, you’ll follow my high-ticket branding client strategy session to understand your target audience deeply and create effective audience personas for brand materials and marketing that resonate with them.

It’ll be two weeks of going through the materials and completing the workbook together in real time with others doing the same! We’ll tackle one section every day in a private community with the ability to ask me questions on a live check-in call at the end of each week, with feedback on your persona!

Date: 23rd October – 3rd November

Value: $75

Use code: DBD2023

Repurpose Your Content With Purpose and live coffee chat with Camille|Positivity Platform

You’ll walk away from our workshop with a clear understanding of how to repurpose your content, as well as examples of how other people in your industry have done it successfully. Plus, we’ll share a workbook for you to help brainstorm ideas for repurposing your own content in the future.

Live Coffee Chat opportunity to ask questions and chat with other business owners! 

Date: 9am-11am CST on 2nd November

Value: $75

About Page Template complete in Real Time with Kimberly Green

This video supplement walks you through the About Page Template.

You will learn how to optimize and tailor your template to your brand.

Between October 23, – November 6, 2023 only, you will be granted access to a group chat to support you with completing your page in real time.

Date: 23rd October – 6th November

Value: $58

The Language of Manifestation Workshop with Jess Beard from Inner Alchemist

This workshop is exclusive to the Done By December Bundle!

After completing the ‘How to Create a Vision Board that Actually Works’ online course this interactive workshop will be perfect to make sure you understand the Language of Manifestation so you’re create incredible affirmations and sacred vows.

Date: 8-10am AEST 24th November

Value: $49

Use code: DBD2023

Procrastination Buster Bootcamp exclusive live event with Mona Leboudy

Are you tired of letting procrastination hold you back from achieving your dreams? Ready to take action and make things happen?

Join us for an exclusive live event: Get It Done Week! 🎉 It’s your dedicated week to crush procrastination and skyrocket your productivity. This live component to our “Procrastination Buster” course is designed to give you the extra push you need to achieve your goals.

Date: 27th November – 1st December

Value: $197

Done with you week Business Bookkeeping, with Clarissa Wilson

Let’s spend one week together in early December, just 1 hour a day, getting your accounting and bookkeeping caught up and organized and ready for tax time. Have questions in the process? Ask them during the daily implementation hour.

Date: 4th – 8th December

Value: $1000

The Get Brand Visible 30 Day Challenge together with Jane Mucklow

Join me live for the whole of November to get it done!

Attract, nurture, educate, amuse, inspire, engage, and easily sell to your audience with my daily posts keeping you top of mind, sharing your brand and business, and basically getting you a whole lot more visible.

Get live support and accountability in a private Facebook group and we’ll work through my 30 day posting challenge together. Let’s get you being more visible and more consistent on your social media (without needing to be constant!).

Date: 1st – 30th November

Value: $45

Use code: DBD2023

Simple Funnel Creator one-week intensive Implementation Camp with Adela Novotna

It’s time to monetize your expertise! 🚀

Join our one-week intensive Implementation Camp and learn how to effortlessly organize, price, and craft high-converting sales funnels in just a matter of days. Turn your knowledge into a new revenue stream, generating hundreds of dollars each month on autopilot ✨.

Elevate your funnel-building skills to pro level with our included strategy training. By the end of the week, you’ll be your very own funnel expert 🍀. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your expertise into a consistent revenue stream and launch your new (simple) funnels in just a week!

Date: 4th – 8th December

Value: $297

Your Sustainable Success Roadmap for 2024 - 5 day live training with Ruth Tsui Strategist

You’re a time compressed service based business owner, ready to take 2024 by storm and now’s the time to get your plan into place.

Over the course of 5 days of LIVE mini-training sessions, I’m going to take you through my Sustainable Success System so you can create your business strategy for 2024.

The LIVE “get it done” round will run from 6th to 10th November, in a closed Facebook community, so you can ask your questions and get tailored advice right up until the end of the year!

Are you ready to make the decisions that are the perfect fit for your business so you can grow without the hustle?

Date: 6th – 10th November

Value: $180

The CEO (Creative, Energized, Organized) Strategic Planning Course LIVE Workshop with Moira Fuller

Join the live workshop for the CEO (Creative, Energized, Organized) Strategic Planning Course, happening on November 21st.

This interactive workshop guides you through crafting your 3-month plan in real-time. Take immediate action & leave the session with a clear strategy for the next 3 months.

Date: 21st November

Value: $57

Pitch Perfect Masterclass Next Steps - Refine and Send with Kylie Kelly

Dive deeper and take immediate action with the knowledge you’ve gained from the Pitch Perfect Masterclass!

From DATES, I’ll be hosting an exclusive pop-up Slack channel dedicated to supporting you as you craft and send your polished podcast pitches.

This is your chance to receive real-time pitch reviews, constructive feedback, and access to foolproof follow-up templates, all designed to elevate your pitching game. Commit to this intensive week of focused effort, and I guarantee you’ll see a return on investment that will exceed all your expectations! Let’s turn those pitches into opportunities together! 🚀🌟

Date: 13th – 19th November

Value: $247

The Connection & Conversion Lead Magnet Funnel Toolkit Implementation Day with Treva Marshall

Struggling to set up your lead magnet funnel? Join my LIVE Implementation Day on 11/11/2023 at 10am CST for step-by-step guidance.

I’ll answer your questions as we set up your lead magnet funnel together using my done-for-you templates.

You’ll walk away ready to connect with leads and grow your business on autopilot.

Date: 10am CST on 11th November 

Value: $197

Ultimate Interactive Business To Do List live walkthrough with Nicole | Simplify Design PLR

Come work with Nicole on Thursday, November 9th at 10am EST.

She’ll have a live walkthrough of the Ultimate Interactive Business To Do List.

The perfect time to ask questions and receive any support so you can increase your productivity with ease.

Date: 10am EST on 9th November 9th

Value: $37

The Canva Power Hour! with Maggie Lamarre

The Canva Power Hour!
Boost Your Social Media Game Fast
UP-LEVEL YOUR SKILLS with Canva and ChatGPT for Social Media Graphics in Just One Power Hour.

Get valuable design advice from a seasoned graphic designer with 28+ years of experience.

Date: 2pm EST on 23rd October

Value: $97

SOLVED! The Course Creation Mystery Unlocked live 3 day Challenge with Bree Boucher

Course creation can sometimes feel like navigating the Clue(do) game board where you’re just trying to work out the who, what and where… That’s why I’ve designed this live 3 Day challenge to help you uncover the mysteries.

When you join SOLVED! The Course Creation Mystery Unlocked Challenge from 14-16 November, together we’ll unravel the mysteries and create courses that make a lasting impact!

Date: 14th – 16th November

Value: $9

AI Content Mastery Get-It-Done Week with Valerie Zumwalt | Elevated Launches

Join AI Content Mastery Get-It-Done Week from November 6-10 for real-time guidance on the AI Content Mastery Method.

Each day features a one-hour co-working session with Valerie, walking you through every step in bite-size pieces and offering live feedback.

By week’s end, craft your Master Training Prompt that will train any AI tool to write as you would…even better.

Date: 6th – 10th November

Value: $297

Enoughness Mastery Live Session with Olivia Radcliffe

Join me for a LIVE HeartHealing™ therapy group session to help you heal the Enoughness Wound and unlock your full potential so you can unleash your entrepreneurial power, feel fulfilled, and attract abundance.

Part of the 4-week Enoughness Mastery Course.

Date: 2pm EST on 18th November

Value: $47

Use code: DBD2023

Pinterest Profile Blueprint Masterclass and Voxer coaching with Laurel Vines

Ready to dive into Pinterest but don’t know where to begin?

In this masterclass I deep dive into the Pinterest platform, Pinterest SEO, and how to attract leads and clients on autopilot using Pinterest!

Then receive 1 week of Voxer access to me for support from October 30th-November 3rd as you set up your profile!

Date: 30th October – 3rd November

Value: $197

Use code: DBD2023

Doing It Scared Workshop with Jillie Johnston

This 60 minute interactive workshop will get you “Out of Your Head & Into Your Life.”

It teaches you everything you need to know to face self-doubt head on and learn how to deal with it once and for all. This is for the person ready to START and give more power to their dream than to their fear.

Builds on the Doing It Scared Workbook.

Date: 10am MT/12pm ET on 13 December

Value: $111

Plan Your Strategic Quiz Funnel with ChatGPT - LIVE session with Starlight Mundy

You can let this growth engine become yet another thing you haven’t gotten done in your biz, or we can get yours planned & ready for implementation together!

Join me LIVE to get your quiz funnel questions answered, plan yours with others AND get your idea reviewed by a baddie biz growth strategist (that’s me!)!

Date: 24th – 26th October

Value: $350

Make it Shiny (again) - live round with Lisa | LisaMCreative

Your idea is good. Your product is good. Your content is good. So why aren’t people knocking down your door to buy it?

This 3-day live round of Make It Shiny again will take you through actionable, bite-size lessons with specific tasks to make your existing product sparkle and primed for selling. Includes special completion incentive!

Whether it’s a new product that just didn’t pop, or something lonely at the back of the shelf collecting dust, this course will help you make it shiny (again).

Date: 4th – 6th December

Value: $97

Check the calendar here for the full schedule of real time rounds!

Note: Calendar is showing UTC times! Check individual product pages above for contributors local times. 

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