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Get Your Email Under Control in 60 Minutes by Jessica Eastman Stewart

Is your Gmail inbox out of control? Hundreds or even tens of thousands of emails? Forgetting to respond to important things, or constantly scrolling to find what you need?

It can be better.

In this mini-course I’ll guide you through my popular and proven 5-step process for getting your email under control. In just 60 minutes.

Usually: $37

The Case Study Toolkit by Nadine Nethery


Simply let your customers do the talking for you with this ready-to-swipe case study formula that will boost your ready-to-invest leads, grow your website traffic and establish you as the expert. 🎉

Complete in a day!

Usually: $29

Use code: DBD2023

Digital Product to Profit by Michelle Pontvert & Olivia Radcliffe

Inside this 5-day challenge, we’ll take you step-by-step from idea to launch of your next digital product.

By the end of the challenge, you’ll not only have created and launched your offer, but you’ll also have created a rinse-and-repeat strategy to add a fast influx of cash to your business WHILE having a huge impact and providing incredible transformations for your clients.

Usually: $99

Use code: DBD2023

The Holiday SurTHRIVEal Guide for Entrepreneurs by Lauren Parker

Ready for a holiday season that is both productive AND joyful?

The Holiday SurTHRIVEal Guide will help you set intentions and develop goals for both your business and your personal life, create daily and weekly plans so you can stay on task, and capture memories as they happen so you can relive the magic of the holiday season for years to come.

You will create a master plan that helps you be intentional this holiday season.

Usually: $27

Use code: DBD2023

How to Run an Email Gift Giveaway to Wow Your New & Existing Subscribers by Cori Willis

This toolkit will show you how to design, market, and run your first (or, next) email gift giveaway.

You don’t need to wait for your favorite creator to invite you into their Annual Giveaway. You don’t need 3-6 months to plan it…how does 10 days sound?

You don’t have to give away your best work for free. Once you create it, you can repeat it or turn it into your signature event.

Usually: $40

WordPress Website in a Weekend by Easy DIY WP

Want to build your WordPress website but don’t know where to start?

Overwhelmed with the choice of builders, themes, hosting, plugins etc. Aaaaagh!!!

WordPress Website in a Weekend will get you off to a flying start.

Have a ready made website template installed on FREE developer grade hosting in 2 days or less.

Usually: $27

Use code: DBD2023

Blogging for New Bloggers Premium Edition by Lucrezia Iapichino

A detailed and easy-to-follow blueprint showing you how to start a profitable blog and make money blogging within the next 6 months.

Get the exact blueprint that makes me $20K+ blogging every single month. Lay the foundations of a profitable blog in less than a week to promote your business or make money blogging without a big budget or millions of followers!

Usually: $47

Use code: DBD2023

Facebook Funnel Blueprint Bundle 💙 by Dianne Shelton

For @Everyone Who Wish They Had Access to Everything You Need To Transform Facebook into a Cash Generating Machine 💸

This value-packed kit will help you leverage FB to work smarter, not harder & get more done in less time w/ easy-to-use templates, tools & tracker.

Dianne shares innovative strategies about new features like events, professional creator, reels, stories, groups & hashtags. Things that will help get more followers; the ones that are actually ideal clients & convert more $ales. Training time: ~3 Hours

Usually: $197

Optimize Your Funnel for Profits in Two Hours by Jenni Laarman

I know that you know your business needs a customer journey in place (aka funnel).

I also know it has a lot of little profitable details that can get lost in the creation process. If you’re wanting a customer journey that’s not only set up, but also set up to be profitable… This. Is. It.

And it’ll take you 2 hours!

Usually: $47

Use code: DBD2023

Blogging for Business by Jessica Haines

Blogging is a great way to get great value out of the content you create, since it can show on Google for years, compared to social media posts that disappear within hours.

The 1 hour workshop will show you how to get started with blogging, how to come up with ideas, how to write high quality posts and ways to save time and repurpose your posts elsewhere, so you can nurture your readers into subscribers and buyers.

Usually: $47

Use code: DBD2023

Convert Your Dream Persona Workshop by Jennifer Cerna


In this self-guided online workshop you’ll go through the actual strategy session I use with my high-ticket branding clients to deep dive into their target audience. You’ll learn how to get inside their heads in order to predict what they will do and how they will buy specifically from your brand.

Through a series of videos, educational materials, and instructor feedback, I’ll challenge you to create a truly functional persona so you can build your brand materials, offers, and marketing to speak directly to your dream clients and have them begging to work with you. Complete over two weeks!

Usually: $125

Use: DBD2023

Complete Branding Essentials Kit by April Hiatt

Get your branding basics done… in about an hour!

Totally curated kits based on your business personality!

Logo, color palette, fonts, and more! All DONE FOR YOU!

Usually: $27

Use code: DBD2023

Just Presell It by Liz Wilcox

The biggest mistake I see bloggers and other content creators make? Spending so much time creating a product that they don’t have enough energy to sell it. And honestly that’s just ridiculous.

Stop creating A+ products (like I know you do) and start seeing if anyone will buy it first. Here’s my exact outline I use to presell an idea BEFORE I create it, done in an afternoon.

Usually: $49

Your Sales Page Template by Sarah Cousins - The Ideas Girl™

A complete Zenler sales page template ready for you to swap our your text and drop in your images, with full page layout and copywriting suggestions.

You won’t have to worry about hosting, having to code, use Photoshop or handle anything too “techie” – because the Zenler platform is super user-friendly and easy to customise! I will show you how to set up a free account so you can be ready to sell out your freshly made offers in record time.

You can complete your sales page in an afternoon!

Usually: $49

Use code: DBD2023

Facebook Group Community Kit by Melissa Poston


If you’re ready to grow a facebook group full of your dream clients then grab the facebook group community kit that will show you how to grow, engage, and sell in a free facebook group. 

Set it up in a day and you could start seeing engagement in a few weeks!

Usually: $97

Use code: DBD2023

Holiday Marketing Planner by TeamSelfCare

The Q’4 Holiday Marketing Planner is a comprehensive resource designed to help entrepreneurs maximize their marketing efforts during the holiday season.

The planner provides a step-by-step approach to creating and implementing successful holiday campaigns. From setting goals and defining target audiences to crafting compelling content and utilizing various marketing channels, this planner covers it all. It also includes checklists to keep you organized and on track.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, the Holiday Marketing Planner is your go-to tool for achieving a memorable and profitable holiday season. Create your first campaign in a day!

Usually: $19

Growth Building Lead Magnets by Susan Jerrell, Founder of My Copy Pro LLC

Build your list with an irresistible lead magnet that attracts your ideal client and turns them into on-fire fans.

Get ready to boost your business! With the step-by-step workbook, cheatsheet, design tips and Canva templates, you can complete your must-have lead magnet in less than 2 hours, then sit back and watch the leads come in!

Usually: $89

Use code: DBD2023

Product Suite Design Challenge by Grace Janet

Design a profitable and organized product suite in just 5 days.

In this 5-day challenge, you’ll learn how to design a product suite that attracts the right audience and is irresistible.

Perfect for business owners with multiple offers.

Usually: $9

Use code: DBD2023

Smart Podcast Launch Project Templates by Jess Milanes

Simplify your podcast launch with the smart podcast launch project templates.

Get ready to launch your podcast in as little as 3 weeks with our step by step breakdowns.

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to podcasting success!

Usually: $27

Repurpose Your Content With Purpose | 30 Minute Workshop by Camille | Positivity Platform

You’ll walk away from our workshop with a clear understanding of how to repurpose your content, as well as examples of how other people in your industry have done it successfully.

Plus, we’ll share a workbook for you to help brainstorm ideas for repurposing your own content in the future.

Usually: $50

The Ultimate Content Calendar Airtable Template by Kristin Lawton

Set up your content planning routine in just 30 minutes!

Ready to love marketing your brand again? The Ultimate Content Calendar serves up content ideas, social media holidays in an easy to use template that takes the stress out of content planning.

Save time, stay organized, and never run out of content to post!

Usually: $47

PLR Winter Blues Digital Papers and Christmas Card Template Bundle by Wellness With Charlene

Elevate your creative projects this holiday season with our “Winter Blues” digital paper set and versatile card template bundle, with a set of 10 digital papers in a blend of soft watercolor patterns that combine the beauty of snowflakes, holly leaves, and serene winter landscapes and a set of Christmas card templates, fully editable in Canva.

Create additional products for your store using the digital papers or easily edit and rebrand the card template to stock your store with many variations of greeting cards in a day!

Usually: $17

Email Series: Create a Lead Magnet that Converts by Kate ❘ The Pin Media

The action steps in these emails will help you execute each stage of creating a lead magnet effectively, from understanding your audience to setting up the technical aspects of delivering the lead magnet in 4 days!

Usually: $37

About Page Template by Kimberly Green

Your about page tends to be the second most viewed page on your website or in your portfolio.

In 14 days or less, optimize your page to connect with your audience.

Tell your story to keep interest. Clarify your message with copywriting secrets, and so much more to boost your sales. 

Usually: $39

Use code: DBD2023

How to Create 30 Instagram Reels in 15 Minutes! by Brook Mackie Designs

Are you a busy business owner struggling to keep up with the demands of social media marketing? Do you wish you could consistently create eye-catching and engaging content without spending hours in front of a camera or computer?

Imagine having the power to create 30 attention-grabbing reels in just 15 minutes! You can!

’30 Instagram Reels in 15 Minutes’ is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Usually: $49

How to Create a Vision Board that Actually Works by Jess Beard from Inner Alchemist

I run manifesting courses each year and I use this exact vision board process to help my clients to manifest and EMBODY who they want to be.

I have used vision board to epic success and then also epic failures. This training teaches WHY so you can start using Vision Boards to call in the experiences you want in your life.

Complete your vision board in an afternoon!

Usually: $27

Use code: DBD2023

Procrastination Buster Bootcamp by Mona Leboudy

Are you ready to conquer procrastination, boost your productivity, and unlock your full potential?

You’re in the right place.

Procrastination Buster e-Course is your roadmap to a procrastination-free, achievement-filled lifein five days.

Get started on your transformation journey today! 🚀

Usually: $27

Accounting & Bookkeeping: The Basics by Clarissa Wilson

Your accounting, bookkeeping and taxes do not have to be difficult for your business.

You can get everything together and organized in less than a week when you have the right information presented to easily.

With The Basics, you can do just that and have your bookkeeping ready for tax time before that even rolls around.

Usually: $197

Use code: DBD2023

The Get Brand Visible 30 Day Challenge by Jane Mucklow

Get you and your brand more visible to your audience with my 30 day social media posting challenge!  Thirty prompts telling exactly what to post every day for a month – that can be started and completed at any time (plus an extra one in case it’s a long month!). 

Attract, nurture, educate, amuse, inspire, engage, and easily sell to your audience with my daily posts keeping you top of mind, sharing your brand and business, and basically getting you a whole lot more visible.  

Join my evergreen challenge and get your social media sorted for a whole month 🙂

Usually: $45

Spiritual Scripting Creator Kit by Tawny Cowden

The Spiritual Scripting Creators Kit is PERFECT if you’re wanting to create journals for your business.

Use the templates and prompts to craft a journal your customers will love in under an hour!

Usually: $27

Build Your Etsy Brand 5-Day Challenge by Jackie | SheEngineers

Join our 5-Day Etsy Brand Building Challenge!

In just five days, I’ll guide you through crafting a compelling Etsy brand that resonates with your target audience and sets you up for success.

Join us for this transformative journey and unlock your Etsy shop’s potential. Get ready to launch or revamp your Etsy brand in under a week! 💪🛍️🚀

Usually: $9

Use code: DBD2023

Simple Funnel Creator by Adela Novotna

It’s time to monetize your expertise! 🚀

With this intuitive Trello board, you will effortlessly organize, price, and create high-converting sales funnels in just a couple of hours. Transform your expertise into your new revenue stream and bring in a couple of hundred $$ each month on autopilot ✨

BONUS: Take your funnel-building skills up a notch with the extra strategy training that comes with this tool and become your own funnel expert 🍀

Usually: $47

Your Sustainable Success Roadmap for 2024 by Ruth Tsui Strategist

You’re a time compressed service based business owner, ready to take 2024 by storm and now’s the time to get your plan into place.

Over the course of 5 days, I’m going to take you through my Sustainable Success System which walks you through the steps to take as you create your business strategy for the year ahead…

From understanding the needs of your ideal clients (right now in this time!) and creating the perfect offer (inc pricing) to your messaging and sales strategy, we’re going to cover it all!

Are you ready to make the decisions that are the perfect fit for your business so you can grow without the hustle?

Usually: $59

The CEO (Creative, Energized, Organized) Strategic Planning Course by Moira Fuller

Discover a new approach to planning with the CEO (Creative, Energized, Organized) Strategic Planning Course.

In an afternoon, create a tailored 3-month plan and get clear on *your* priorities.

This isn’t about hustle – it’s about aligning your goals with your real-world commitments and capacity – and getting the important work done.

Usually: $47

Use code: DBD2023

The Mini Bundle Genius Toolkit by Anne Markey

The Mini Bundle Genius Toolkit – your ultimate companion for product creation and bundle success.

This all-in-one solution helps you excel in the world of bundles and product creation in less than a week.

Here’s what it offers:

Enhance Product Descriptions

Professional Product Mockups

Foolproof Product Selection, plus two extra bonuses!

Usually: $75

Use code: DBD2023

The Content Upgrade Blueprint by Rebecca Brockman

Turn all your existing content—blog posts, videos, podcasts, even social media posts—into a lead-generating machine in just a weekend (or 1, 3, or 5 days)!

We include a guide for all four timelines, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Usually: $47

Use code: DBD2023

50k Roadmap by Evelyn Weiss

It took me two years to achieve my first 50K revenue month, and here are all the key steps I took to go from 0 to 50K+ months as a low-ticket coach, compiled into one comprehensive resource & training dashboard.

And the best part?

I did this without selling high-ticket items or sending direct messages to strangers.

Work through the roadmap and get set up by December!

Usually: $9

Notion Dashboard Bootcamp by Jillian Ferraro

Get your first Notion Dashboard set up in less than one week!

The Notion Dashboard Bootcamp has everything you need to plan, organize, and create your first Notion Dashboard…and more!

If you’re Notion-curious but haven’t quite gotten around setting up your first Notion Dashboard to finally organize your to-do list, weekly planning, and more, this is the Notion bootcamp for you!

Usually: $9

Fear As A Messenger Masterclass by Stacey Webb - Intuitive Somatic Mentor

Through this masterclass and workbook with teachings and experiential exercises, you will learn about the Law of Mentalism and view fear not as an obstacle, but as an ally, a guiding you towards your personal growth and self-discovery.

You will discover how to recognize fear as a signpost indicating opportunities for expansion and uncover the deeper messages embedded within your fears.

By attuning to your intuition, you will learn how to access your inner wisdom, empowering you to make decisions that are aligned with your true purpose and values.

Usually: $66

Use code: DBD2023

Ultimate Interactive Business To Do List by Nicole | Simplify Design PLR

The last to-do list you’ll need for your business.

Unlike other lists, with this one, your tasks disappear from the sheet upon completion. You’ll prevent overwhelm and increase productivity.

The cheatsheet allows you to quickly copy and paste recurring tasks. And with the dashboard to give you a snapshot of your business, you’ll stay on track and pivot as needed. Get set up in a couple of hours!

Usually: $27

Use code: DBD2023

Elegant Canva Social Media Templates by Maggie Lamarre

Let’s face it, we’re all captivated by visuals. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if that picture could also be worth a thousand likes?

Enter Canva social media templates. These pre-designed layouts are your secret weapon for crafting eye-catching posts that resonate with your audience. Fully editable, 32 customizable templates. Simply copy it into your own Canva account and create with ease in under an hour!

Over 550+ and counting of Royalty-free curated stock photo collections are included to start in a neutral palette to fit your brand.

Usually: $49

Audit Your Expertise - Private Podcast by April Lokar

If you have trouble seeing the gifts, genius, and strengths you possess, you’re in the right place.

The Audit Your Expertise Private Podcast guides you through activities and exercises to discover areas of expertise you can use to create your next big thing … like a new product, offer, or service for your customers.

With the audio and exercises, set aside 30-45 minutes to complete the activities.

Usually: $45

Coursify Your Knowledge by Bree Boucher

The Coursify Your Experience Challenge for Introverted Coaches and Creatives.

This challenge will give you the support and guidance you need to finally turn your knowledge into a course that you can be proud of and share with the world.

So if you’re ready to take your expertise to the next level and turn your passion into a profitable course then let’s GO!

Four part series over 3-4 days.

Usually: $97

Use code: DBD2023

Pinterest Profile Blueprint by Laurel Vines

Ready to dive into Pinterest but don’t know where to begin?

In this masterclass I deep dive into the Pinterest platform, Pinterest SEO, and how to attract leads and clients on autopilot using Pinterest in two hours or less!

Usually: $27

Use code: DBD2023

Pitch Perfect Masterclass by Kylie Kelly

Join my Pitch Perfect Masterclass in the Done by December Bundle!

In a dynamic 90-minute session, we’ll brainstorm a list of aligned podcasts that would resonate with you and your business so you’re ready to start pitching.

We’ll also go over what a podcast one-pager is so you can have all that you need to start landing guest pitches! This is more than a learning experience; it’s a doing session where you’ll leave with a pitch list that is ready to roll and confidence that’s through the roof!

Let’s get you guesting on podcasts that matter, connecting with audiences eager to hear your story & the magic that you bring to the world ✨

Usually: $47

AI Content Mastery by Valerie Zumwalt | Elevated Launches

Seamlessly blend technology with your unique voice.

In just 5 hours, define your brand, deeply understand your ideal client, and strategically position your business.

Train AI to craft compelling content that genuinely sounds like you, saving countless hours while maximizing engagement.

Usually: $297

5 Day Launch Your Profitable Podcast Challenge by Rosemarie Callender

Ready to turn your podcast dream into a reality before year-end?

This email challenge is your step-by-step roadmap to profitable podcasting success, guiding you through five days that will take you from podcast concept to launch so you can start growing your impact, influence and income!

Usually: $97

Use code: DBD2023

The Connection & Conversion Lead Magnet Funnel Toolkit by Treva Marshall

Say goodbye to complex funnels!

This beginner-friendly toolkit makes setting up a lead magnet funnel easy. Simply add your offers to the done-for-you templates, customize the branding, and publish.

You’ll be ready to connect with and convert leads in no time!

Usually: $47

Finish Strong: Year-End Game Plan by Cynthia Hull

Finish Strong: Year-End Game plan is designed specifically for driven entrepreneurs and innovative business owners.

This self-guided workbook and planner will help you refocus and strategically realign your goals to create an impactful action plan in a couple of hours. Accelerate your journey to success and transform your visions into reality.

Usually: $27

Daily Workflow - Trello Board Template by Shannon Gaither

Get your life organized in just minutes with our Daily Workflow Trello Board Template.

This lifesaver is loaded with checklists, cards, and lists to streamline your day-to-day.

And the best part? It’s fully customizable to fit your unique needs.

Say hello to a more productive you!

Usually: $37

Doing It Scared Workbook by Jillie Johnston

Your dream, your goal, your daydream is worthy of you STARTING. Ready is a lie and now is the time to DECIDE to start by DOING IT SCARED.

This 30 day workbook will help you create the mindset shifts to let go of perfectionism, analysis paralysis, and START.

Usually: $88

Plan Your Strategic Quiz Funnel with ChatGPT by Starlight Mundy

A legit quiz funnel can be a legit ENGINE for growth in your biz, and you can get yours planned & built in about a week!

Nab this special gift and get a mini-email course delivered direct to your inbox with bite-sized steps to get yours planned and ready to implement.

Usually: $97

Enoughness Mastery by Olivia Radcliffe

A 4-week course, complemented by workbooks and a transformative HeartHealing™ therapy session, designed to help you conquer the Enoughness Wound and unlock your full potential so you can unleash your entrepreneurial power, feel fulfilled, and attract abundance.

Usually: $397

Use code: DBD2023

Get Organised Babe by Jo Anna Business and Holistic Coach

The Get Organised Babe Mini Course will help you to get organised and much more productive in your business. It is for small business owners who are ready to take their productivity to the next level. Whether you’re just starting or have been in the game for a while, this course will help you thrive!

Set up systems and implement strategies in a week!

Usually: $154

Use code: DBD2023

Make it Shiny (again) by Lisa | LisaMCreative

Your idea is good. Your product is good. Your content is good. So why aren’t people knocking down your door to buy it?

Make It Shiny (again) will take you through actionable, bite-size lessons with specific tasks to make your existing product sparkle and primed for selling, in three days.

Whether it’s a new product that just didn’t pop, or something lonely at the back of the shelf collecting dust, this course will help you make it shiny (again).

Usually: $57

This training and training materials are to be used as an information guide. I make no claims, agreements or guarantees ensuring any specific results that may or may not occur as a result of this training. LisaMCreative is absolved of any legal or financial responsibilities or loss that may occur as a result of lawfully willing to participate in this training. You are responsible for your decisions and actions following this training and/or using the training💕