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Live sessions 2 – 30 April 2024

Congratulations, you now have access to 20+ live sessions and support through April  with promo get-it-done incentives!

How does it work?

Browse the VIP sessions below or use the search function. Sign up for the ones you want to attend.

Or, check the calendar for when the lives are happening. Click and sign up for the ones you want to attend.

Each one has a special get-it-done incentive from the contributor. Get the thing done and they will share it with their audience. 

= Accountability, motivation and more visibility for your business!

Check each individual product for details!


Premium Contributors🩷

The Client Magnet 30-sec Pitch Half Day Voxer with Ziza Natur

Group VIP Half-Day with me in Voxer to receive feedback on your 30-sec intros and reword them for max results. Get support and personalized feedback on your implementation in a VIP Half-Day in Voxer with Ziza!

VIP Half day Voxer
Tuesday 2nd April 10am-1pm EST
Get-it-done incentive: Get your pitch done and Ziza will share it with her audience!  


Audience Accelerator Webinars Playbook Masterclass with Virtual Work Wife

Friday 5th April 1-3pm PST
Get-it-done incentive: Completed webinars promoted to Virtual Work Wife’s audience with your affiliate link!  

$34     Code: ABA2024

GIF Yourself Implementation Workshop with Joyce Layman

Are you tired of unused courses? Dive into our GIF Yourself Toolkit GET IT DONE Co-working Session, where learning is fun and productivity takes center stage. Say goodbye to procrastination and overwhelm as you set up your custom GIPHY page, create 10 personalized GIFs, and boost your discoverability across platforms.
In just one session, you’ll distinguish yourself with content that grabs attention, communicates your message, and inspires action—all in minutes.
Join us for a fun and productive experience that will transform your online presence and make your audience wonder, “How did they do that?!”

Interactive Workshop
Wednesday 17th April 1pm CST
Get-it-done incentive: Your gifs shared with Joyce’s audience!  


Special Contributors🩷

Mastering the Art of Creating Digital Learning in 2024 Online Consultation with Arika from ThriveEpic

Wish you had a course creation guru by your side? Look no further! Join Arika Clark Alejo, an eLearning expert and CEO of ThriveEpic, for a 45-minute call where you can brainstorm your course ideas, gain valuable insights, learn about essential tech tools, and structure your content for success. This personalized consultation is your opportunity to tap into Arika’s expertise and take your course creation journey to the next level.

Online Consultation
Wednesday 24th April 10.30am CT 
Get-it-done incentive: Your course showcased with ThriveEpic’s audience!  


Clear & Confident Communicator Course Workshop with Authentic Narratives

This add-on to the Clear & Confident Communicator course is currently an exclusive for paid participants in the Action by April 2024 bundle.

Are your communication skills holding you back? In this course, you’ll learn verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills that will wow your coworkers and clients. You will finish this course feeling better understood as a more confident version of yourself, guaranteed!

In a half-day workshop, we will be discussing oral and written communication tactics in real-time and practicing together in smaller groups while on the call. A replay will be made available for anyone who cannot attend.

Half Day Workshop
Saturday 13th April half day
Get-it-done incentive: Your business shout out to Authentic Narratives’ email list!  

$135     Code: ABA2024

Leverage Storytelling to Build Your Brand Masterclass Voxer Coworking with Jenn Cerna

Join brand strategist Jenn Cerna from Jreamit Creative for a live Voxer co-working session meticulously designed to unpack the Leverage Storytelling to Build Your Brand Masterclass. But here’s the twist: we won’t just breeze through it. No, we’ll dissect it piece by piece, diving deep into each topic in real time.
We’ll infuse your learning with life, ensuring every concept is not just understood but actively applied. So if you’re ready to understand the how of compelling brand storytelling and create a cohesive framework to captivate and inspire your audience, this immersive co-working session is your gateway to success.

Voxer Coworking
Monday 8th April 2-5pm EST
Get-it-done incentive: Your brand and business shared with Jenn’s audience!  

$50     Code: ABA2024

ClickUp Starter Templates Workshop with Samantha Whisnant

Get your business organization questions answered in this live ClickUp masterclass and Q&A session.

Masterclass workshop
Thursday 11th April 12pm EST
Get-it-done incentive: Your business shout out to Samantha’s audience!  


Get Paid Like A CEO workshop with Donna Dube

Part of stepping into your CEO role is to KNOW with certainty what you need to get paid and how you are going to make that revenue! Get ready to skyrocket your business and your income.
Specially designed for visionaries like you, this tool will walk you through 4 powerful steps to help unlock your financial potential.
No more guessing…it’s time to build a rock-solid revenue and profit plan and the best part is you don’t have to do it alone! Join me for a live ‘working’ session and we will get this done together!

Live ‘working’ session
Thursday 25th April 10am ET
Get-it-done incentive: Your offers shared with Donna’s audience!  

$97     Code: ABA2024VIP

Your Guide to Mapping a Successful Client Journey Q&A with The Systems Queens

Know every phase of the Client Journey with your guide to mapping this successfully. Live Q&A Ask Me Anything session to answer all your questions from completing the course!

Live Q&A session
Tuesday 30th April time
Get-it-done incentive: Special promo opportunity for your business when you complete the course!  

$127     Code: ABA2024

Secrets to Monetizing Your Email List Workshop with Melissa Esmeralda

Are you looking to create a revenue stream that doesn’t require endless networking and cold pitching? Inside this interactive workshop you’ll learn the key pieces to creating a welcome sequence + upsell sequence that can simultaneously sell your core offer and a mid or low-ticket offer.

Wednesday 10th April 12pm Mountain time
Get-it-done incentive: Your offer shared with Melissa’s audience!  


The Mission: Write Your Business Manifesto in 60 Minutes Workshop with Ashley Looker

The foundation of everything you do in your business is based on your business mission and values. Dial in your business values and create your manifesto in 60 minutes or less in this quick digital course, in addition to an hour-long live interactive workshop with Q&A.

Inside this course and live workshop, you’ll learn the importance of having a manifesto to base your business on, your business values that will guide you through thick and thin, and create your very own manifesto that will inspire and motivate you (and your clients!) for years to come!

4th April 11am PDT
Get-it-done incentive: Your manifesto and business shared with Ashley’s audience!  


Step-by-Step Checklist to Setup your Shopify Store for Success Masterclass with Catherine Charlton

I take all of the guesswork out of creating a profitable Shopify store. Themes, products, shipping – I cover it all!

Tuesday 23rd April time
Get-it-done incentive: Your store showcased with Catherine’s audience!  


Notion Dashboard Starter Guide FB Group with Jillian Ferraro

This Notion Dashboard Starter Guide has everything you need to plan, organize, and create your first Notion Dashboard! If you’re Notion-curious but haven’t gotten around to setting up your first Notion Dashboard, this is the Notion guide for you!

And, by signing up for the “Live” round, you’ll get access to an exclusive Facebook Group just for Action by April participants! I’ll answer questions, post tutorials, and help you troubleshoot your new Notion Dashboard! I’ll also give you (and your business) a shoutout at the end of April for finishing your new Dashboard!

Pop-up Facebook Group
Friday 19th April all day
Get-it-done incentive: Shoutout celebrating the completion of your finished Dashboard to my 2200+ email list with a link to your business, social, etc!!!  


5 Day Action Plan for Increased Visibility Zoom Workshop with Ona Stanton

Unlock your business’s true potential with my Action Plan for Increased Visibility + Bonus Workshop! Created for entrepreneurs – at any stage- this comprehensive guide is packed with essential training, worksheets, content prompts, and actionable steps you can apply immediately. This resource is your key to confidently growing your online presence while gaining clarity and momentum. Start your journey to business success today!

When you sign up for the BUNDLE UPGRADE, not only do you get this great guide but you also get a LIVE (Zoom) WORKSHOP with ME where I walk you through the steps & answer questions!

Live Zoom Workshop
Monday 29th April 12pm PDT
Get-it-done incentive: Your business shared with a special visibility incentive!  


Logo Alchemy Unleashed Workshop with Renée Stotz

Step into the transformative experience of our Logo Alchemy Unleashed workshop. This 2.5-hour session is designed to help you create a logo that truly reflects your brand’s essence and resonates with your ideal clients. Guided by an experienced designer, you’ll tap into your intuition and leverage our versatile Logo Alchemy Templates, compatible with Illustrator, Photoshop, or Canva.

This workshop is more than a technical exercise; it’s a whirlwind journey into the heart of your brand. You’ll benefit from group feedback and infuse every design decision with intention. Join us, and let’s bring your brand vision to life through a logo crafted with purpose and passion.

Thursday 18th April 9am or 2pm EST
Get-it-done incentive: Your logo and business shared with Renée’s audience!  

$47     Code: ABA2024

Masterclass Magic Selling Secrets ✨ Voxer Office Hour with Dianne Shelton

You’re invited to join us inside the VIP Masterclass Magic Selling Secrets ✨

In this space, we’re going to have a pop-up Voxer office hour where you’re able to ask your questions & get support along the way. PLUS, when you finish your masterclass during our “Get It Done” deadline, it’ll be FEATURED in front of my list which currently has 6k+ potential buyers!

Even more bonus..(?) There’s probably an extra bonus here & there… if you’ve been in my world a while, you know I like to have FUN & tend to overdeliver (minus the overwhelm 🧡) Excited yet?

Voxer Office Hours
26th April 10am-4pm CDT
Get-it-done incentive: Get FEATURED in front of 6k+ potential buyers!!  


Blogging for Business Live Day of Voxer with Jessica Haines

Join Blogging for Business live for a bonus day of Voxer support on 16th April to have your blogging questions answered, and submit your new blog post by 21st April to be shared with my audience.

Day of Voxer
Tuesday 16th April All day
Get-it-done incentive: Your new blog post shared with Jessica’s audience!  

$147     Code: ABA2024

Post to Patron Workshop Bundle Voxer Coaching Day with Brittany Verlenich

Ready to set up ManyChat on Instagram but feeling overwhelmed? Upgrade for a Voxer coaching day to get tech support and funnel feedback. We’ll even look at your bio and grid together.

You’ll also get visibility! Your accounts and freebies will be featured to my thousands of email subscribers in travel, education, and B2B.

And finally, you’ll get traffic from my own content!

You’ll join a group coaching session which will be recorded and shared on the Social Media Magic podcast. We’ll debrief the experience, you’ll share what you’ve learned, and you’ll get a chance to promote your business!

Voxer Coaching Day
Wednesday 3rd April 9am and 2pm CST
Get-it-done incentive: Featured to Brittany’s thousands of subscribers!  


Complete your About the Author Page Workshop with Kim Galloway

Join Kim for this live 60 minute work session to COMPLETE your About the Author page with real-time feedback and hot seats. Recording will be provided.

Monday 15th April time
Get-it-done incentive: Your About the Author Page shared with Kim’s audience!  

$9     Code: ABA2024

Workshop & Template Pack: Create Habit Tracker Journals Interactive Workshop with D'vorah Lansky

In this interactive live session, we’ll explore more ways to customize tracking journals to help you track your activity and results. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and request examples of how to create tracking pages to meet your specific goals.

Interactive Workshop
Monday 22nd April 2pm EST
Get-it-done incentive: Incentives and recognition will be awarded to those who take action!  


Thank You Page Overhaul using ConfettiPage Workshop with Eran Bucai

Thank You Page Overhaul – how to turn your thank you page into a lead generation and an automated sales system (and not waste this golden opportunity every time someone new joins your list).

6th April 2pm ET
Get-it-done incentive: Your Thank You page using ConfettiPage showcased with Eran’s audience!  


The Audience Accelerator Voxer Office Hours with Amber Rose Thomas

Learn how to grow your online audience, whether that’s your email list, facebook group or instagram account – all with the power of Facebook Ads! Perfect for beginners, The Audience Accelerator takes you step-by-step through getting your ads published, and then teaches you some advanced techniques to get the best results possible.
We’ll be having a day of voxer office hours so you can check in if you have any questions or tech issues you need help with.
At the end of April I’ll be sharing your ads with my email list in a round-up – I can’t wait to see what amazing ads you all come up with!

Day of Voxer Office Hours
Tuesday 9th April all day
Get-it-done incentive: Your ads shared with Amber’s email list in a round up!   

$150     Code: ABA2024VIP

How to Sell When Your Niche Is Not Business Live Workshop with Cori Willis

Mini-course with worksheets and live workshop with Cori designed to help you craft your sales materials specifically for non-business niches. 

You will learn how to
(1) describe the non-monetary benefits of your offer so your potential buyers know they need it NOW,
(2) identify & explain the nuanced, multi-layered motivations that drive non-money purchases so you can tap right into them,
and (3) demonstrate the importance & urgency of your offer so your customers don’t put off the purchasing decision. 

Workshop (replays available)
Friday 12th April 11am EDT
Get-it-done incentive: Your offers shared with Cori’s audience!  

$37     Code: ABA2024

IG Bio & Highlights setup kit Voxer support with Cat Griffin

Get my expert feedback on your newly crafted bio and highlights through live Voxer support. BONUS I will also share feedback on your IG strategy too.

Voxer support
27th April
Get-it-done incentive: Promoted to Cat’s email list of 15,000!  


Make it Shiny Again with LisaMCreative

How to polish your existing product to get the love, attention (and sales) it deserves.

This Voxer Day of Make It Shiny again will review the actionable, bite-size lessons with specific tasks to make your existing product sparkle and primed for selling. Includes special completion incentive!

🌟 Voxer Day to get feedback, prompts, fresh ideas and accountability!

Voxer Day
Saturday 20th April all day

Get-it-done incentive: Promoted in a round up blog to Lisa’s entire list!  


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