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align your thoughts. align your energy. put it to practice. create wealth.

21 days

to a wealthy mindset

A 21 day program for aligning your thoughts and energy to create, build and attract wealth.

🌟 change your thoughts patterns and create awareness

🌟 actionable tasks you can implement each day

🌟 short, daily videos that you can re-visit

🌟 put the woo to work with practical strategies

🌟 make lasting changes to attract and create wealth

🌟 and much more

Limiting beliefs. Money blocks. You’ve heard it before, maybe even ‘done some work’. But how do you maintain the work and build lasting strategies. I’ll teach you how.

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ONLY $27 to do 21 Days to a Wealthy Mindset LIVE with me!!

Live round for 21 Days to a Wealthy Mindset is commencing Monday 8 January 2024! Special pricing – $27usd!

  • live videos every day
  • feedback and discussion with like-minded humans
  • action workshops
  • be accountable, be motivated, make connections, and AMPLIFY your wealthy mindset!

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